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Terms used in Baby Oil,Message Oil,Personal Care,Skin Care,Hair Care,Cosmetics & Toiletries and some special Fine Chemicals from Ayais.

Originally this glossary started with just the ingredients used in the products made by us. It has now been expanded to include ingredients that you might find in other personal care and body care products.

If you find a related word for which you can't find a definition, please let me know and I will add it to this glossary. Also, if you find a really good definition for a related term, I'd appreciate it if you would email me.

~ A ~

Agar Essential Oil
Almond Oil, Bitter An essential oil from the bitter almond tree. Typically used as a flavoring; it has a somewhat cherry scent. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Almond Oil, Sweet An oil expressed from the nuts of the sweet almond tree. It is used as an emollient in skin creams and is also used to soften ear wax. The tree is native to SW Asia but is widely grown in warm regions for its nuts. They grow to an average height of 7 m; they have attractive pink flowers and are grown for ornament in cooler regions. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) a Caribbean aloe yielding a gelatinous substance. Used in cosmetics in creams, moisturizers, sun screens, refreshing lotions and tonics. It is emollient, demulcent, sunscreen and also a food,and it could supply in oil,juice,gel,and powder status.

Alutinosum Oil

Angelica Oil From China Medical Herb Angelica root,it can Nourish blood, Promote the circulation of blood , Regulate menstruation, Stop pain , Moisten the intestine to loosen the bowels , Dual regulatory function on uterus , Lower blood pressure, expand blood vessels, increase blood flow and prevent arteriosclerosis , Protect the liver , Alleviate water retention ,Resist inflammation, Ayais used in aroma massage products and women care products.

Anise Oil

Avocado Oil (Persea americana) Oil from the pulp of the fruit of the avocado tree. a fatty flesh rich in fat, protein, and vitamins A and B, and a single hard seed. The oil is used as a massage oil, in creams, lotions and hair products. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

~ B ~

Banana Spray Oil

Basil Essential Oil

Beeswax A substance produced by bees to build honeycombs. It is collected by heating the honeycomb in water (after removing the honey) so that the floating wax can be separated after solidification when cool. Beeswax is used to make candles, polishes, inks, cosmetics, and ointments. In cosmetics, it is used as a thickener, emulsifier and stiffening agent in creams, lotions, lipsticks, etc. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Benzoin Oil

Beramote Oil

FOLK MEDICINE: In Chinese medicine, beeswax is dissolved in hot wine and taken as a treatment for diarrhea, hiccups and pain.

~ C ~

Cajeput Oil

Camellia Oil (Oil tea seed oil),culativated only in China,Vietnam,Japan only,high content of fat acid

Cardamom Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Cedarwood Oil

Chamomile Oil

Cinnamon (cassia) Oil

Citronella Oil

Clove Oil

Coconut Oil Oil obtained from the fruit of the coconut palm .Coconut oil is used in the manufacture of soaps, cooking fats, and margarine. It is a preferred oil in soaps because it helps produce a hard bar which has a quick, fluffy lather, even in cold or salt water. Coconut oil is an emollient and is moisturizing, conditioning and protecting to the skin, although large quantities can sometimes be drying. Used in Chandler's Soaps products.

Colorants Ingredients that can be used to alter the color of a product. A dye. Colorants are either a dye or a pigment. There are both natural and synthetic dyes and pigments.


Cypress Oil

Cutting Board Oil

~ D ~
Dyes Any type of colorant that transfers color by dissolving in a solution. There are natural dyes, from plants such as beet root or walnut husk, and synthetic dyes. Colorants with names like "FD&C Red" are dyes that are approved for use in Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics. There are a limited number of dyes approved for use in cosmetics; some are natural, although most are synthetic.

~ E ~

Elsholtzia Oil
Emollient Something that has a soothing or softening effect.

Emulsion A mixture of two normally un-mixable liquids in which one liquid is dispersed in the other liquid as very fine droplets. Many synthetic food products are emulsions: for example, French dressing is an emulsion of vegetable oil in vinegar. An emulsion can be attained by vigorous shaking (as in oil and vinegar dressing) although emulsifying agents are often used to help form the emulsion and stabilizing agents are used to help maintain it and keep it from separating. Many cosmetics are also emulsions: some are oil-in-water emulsions (where the oil is dispersed in the water, such as foundation creams or some lotions); others are water-in-oil emulsions (where the water is dispersed in the oil, such as cold creams). Emulsions can be broken up by heat or mechanical agitation: butter is formed by de-emulsifying milk. Note: All of our creams are water-in-oil emulsions.

Epsom Salts (Magnesium Salts) Gets its name from Epsom, England. Can be used as a soak for the relief of pain from minor sprains and bruises. Often used in commercial bath salts. Caution: daily use can be drying to the skin.

Essential Oils Pure plant distillates and extracts derived from the flowers, leaves, stems, berries, rinds, resins, or roots of plants. These oils are the essence of the plant's smell; they make the plant smell the way it does. Essential oils have long been used in folk medicine and aromatherapy for their many healing qualities. Used in Ayais' personal care and bath products.

Eveningglass Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

~ F ~
Fatty Acids A natural organic compound each molecule of which consists of a carboxyl group (oxygen, carbon and hydrogen) attached to a chain of carbon atoms with their associated hydrogen atoms. The chain of carbon atoms may be connected with single bonds of hydrogen between them, making a 'saturated' fat; or it may be connected with double bonds, making an 'unsaturated' fat. The number of carbon and hydrogen atoms in the chain is what determines the qualities of that particular fatty acid. Animal and vegetable fats are made up of various combinations of fatty acids (in sets of three) connected to a glycerol molecule, making them triglycerides.

Fragrance Oil A blend of synthetic and/or natural ingredients creating a specific fragrance.

Frankinsence Oil

~ G ~

Geranium Oil

Ginger Oil
Glycerin Also called glycerol. A colorless sweet viscous liquid derived from vegetable fats. It is a by-product of the soap-making process, which separates the glycerin from the fatty acids in the whole oil. The naturally-occurring glycerin stays in handmade soaps, but is usually removed from commercial soaps (see Commercial vs. Handmade Soaps). Glycerin is used in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is also used in cryoprotectants, explosives and other industrial products. In cosmetics, it is valued because of its emollient and humectant qualities. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Glyceryl Monostearate A natural emulsifier prepared from glycerine and stearic acid (which is a fatty acid found in palm oil). It is used in cosmetics to create oil-in-water emulsions. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Glycolic Acid (hydroxyacetic acid)

Goldenrod Oil

Grapefruit Oil

Grape Seed Oil

~ H ~
Herbs Any of various often aromatic plants used especially in medicine or as seasoning.

Honey From the bees,which flower honey collected by the bees.

Hyaluronic acid(HA,Hyaluronate Salt).

Hyssop Oil

~ I ~

~ J ~

Jasmine Oil,
Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) Emollient, similar to natural human oil secretions, antioxidant. Technically not an oil, but a wax. Will not turn rancid. Edible, nontoxic, generally nonirritating, makes a superb skin conditioner. Used in Ayais skincare products.

Juniperberry Oil

~ K ~

~ L ~

Lactic Acid: one of the fruit acid,used in Ayais' skin care products.

Lavender Oil

Lemon Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Liquid Paraffin Oil, colorless oil,used as moisture base,used in Ayais skincare and cosmetics products

Litsea cubeba oil

~ M ~
Mineral Oil Any of various light hydrocarbon oils, especially a distillate of petroleum. Used medicinally as a laxative.Used in Ayais' skin care products

Majoram Oil

Marjoram Sweet Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil

Magnolia Officinalis

Melissa Oil

Michelia alba flower oil

mentha arvensis oil

Melissa Oil

Myrcia Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

~ N ~
Neroli Flower Oil

Nutmeg Oil

~ O ~
Olive Oil, Pure Oil pressed from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea). Olive oil is one of the finest edible oils and can be consumed without refining or processing (when it is known as virgin olive oil). It is also used in making soaps, cosmetics, and textiles.. Since olive oil is an excellent moisturizer (because it attracts and holds moisture close to the skin and forms a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture) it is widely used in cosmetics. .Used in Ayais' skin care products

Olibaunm Oil

Orange Oil

~ P ~

Paraffin A white or colorless petroleum-derived solid wax. It is often used in making candles and cosmetics. This is the wax commonly found in the grocery store and used to seal canning jars.

Patchouly Oil

Palmarosa Oil

Petitgrain oil

Pine Needle Oil

Pigments A substance, usually mineral, that imparts color to something else. Pigments do not dissolve in liquid, but are tiny particles of color that are suspended in it. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

~ Q ~

~ R ~

Ravansara Oil

Rose Oil Essential oil distilled extract from rose flower

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rosemary Oil

Rosewood Oil

~ S ~

Sage Clary Oil

Sandawood Oil
Saponification The reaction between a caustic alkali (lye) and the fatty acids in a vegetable oil or animal fat which results in soap.

Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) Salt made by evaporating the water out of sea water. Used in bath salt products.

Spices Any of several vegetable substances, such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, etc., used to season food: spices are usually dried for use and have distinctive flavors and aromas. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

Silicone Oil the moisture base oil.

Spearmint Oil the essential oil is more soft than pepermint oil

Spikenard oil

~ T ~
Thyme Oi

Tobacco Absolute

Tree Moss Oil

~ U V ~

Verbena Grass Oil

Vetiver Oil

Vialet Oil

~ W ~
Water-In-Oil Emulsion A particular type of emulsion in which tiny particles of water are suspended in an oil.

Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum vulgari) Oil from the embryo of the wheat grain of the cereal species of the genus Triticum which has been cultivated for at least 10,000 years. The germ is extracted from the wheat as a source of vitamins and is a known source of pure Vitamin E. Wheat germ oil is emollient, anti-oxidant and rich in natural vitamin E. It also serves as a natural preservative. Vitamin E is known for its healing effects and is proven to help prevent scarring and speed healing. Used in Ayais' skin care products.

White Mineral Oil ,the colorless,water white, odorless oil ,used in Ayais products.

Wintergreen Oil to conform the pains and inches ,used in ayais aromatic massage products

Wormwood Oil The wormwood glass is very good for women care, and the oil do it also, it is very good essential oil for women and their skincare,used in ayais aroma skincare products.

~ X Y Z ~

Ylang Ylang Oil