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all Massage oil from our company are made from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and pure natural carrier oils.

the price is for our blended of carrier oil and the essential oils already fixed, the OEM clients whom need the expensive or cheap target price, the carrier oils and the essential oil formula could be changed to meet the target price


Blended Aroma Massage Oil


30ml price

100ml price

Aches and Pains Massage Oil

Majoram, lavender and rosemary are effective analgesics, and clary sage have effective anti-spasm property and can ease convulsions of the digestive system. can be effective to relieve fatigue, pain and anxiety and tension caused by work pressure, muscle tension.the blended are not only wonderful for mental exhaustion but also relaxing and soothing to the nervous system. good for body,back,leg,and foot, joints pain,soreness and fatigue relief massage.

USD4.0 USD10.00

Detox Massage Oil

Patchouli promote cell regeneration and disinfection, effective to the acne, eczema ; Juniper berry diuretic and detoxification, Orange promote sweating and skin detoxification. The combination of these three essential oils can accelerate harmful substances in the exclusion and promote body fluid circulation, and stimulate the body detoxification purification, particularly suitable for body fat and edema to slimming their body Or to try to build more sophisticated.Juniper berry,Patchouli,Orange,Sesame,Almond sweet

  USD5.0 USD12.00

Sports Massage Oil

This blend is designed for use after exercise.  The oils used in this blend have powerful properties for pain relief of stiff sore muscles after a hard ,workout, hike in the woods, or strenuous yard work. This blend has a woody floral fragrance that is very soothing.Palmarosa, Lavender, sweet almond, jojoba

  USD4.0 USD10.0

Stretch Mark Remedy

Tangerine,Neroli,Almond Sweet,Jojoba,Rosehip seed,wonderful blend for both stretch marks and scarring.powerful properties to increase elasticity in the skin while reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. This blend is also uplifting to the spirit; easing stress, anxiety and tension and is completely safe to use during pregnancy.

  USD5.0 USD12.0
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