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Who use fruit acid for skin care?

If you have superficial wrinkles of the face, neck, upper chest, arms, etc.
Uneven pigmentation problems. Enlarged facial pores.
Superficial acne scars of the face. "Age spots."
Natural fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells.

About Fruit Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid,AHA)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or AHAs, are also known as fruit acid or ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Alpha Hydroxy Acids are obtained from fruits such as lemons, grapes & apples, sugar cane & sour milk. Glycolic Acid is the most popular and commonly used form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid for skin care.

Glycolic Daily Exfoliator maintain peel results and keep skin looking as youthful as can be with regular treatment , smoother and healthier your skin
Glycolic Deep Daily Exfoliator Great for aging skin,maintain skin care treatment and peel results or introduction to glycolic peels ,also could used on sensitive and youthful skin as fruit acid peel.
Glycolic Light Peel

Great for mature and young skin. new to glycolic acid peels or skin is youthful,peel of the dead skin and lighten the spots,Used on sensitive, dry, oily, or dehydrated skin. This is our weakest peel and will give the same results as the stronger peels, but is a more gradual process.

usage: every 1 to 2 weeks,2 to 5 minutes each time, Leave on for 4 - 6 minutes depending on skin sensitivity.

Glycolic Medium Peel you have built up a tolerance to Glycolic Acid Peels and want to jump to a new level of exfoliation
Glycolic Intermidiate Peel Great for mature/aging skin. This peel will give the fast results if performed 10+ glycolic peels and no longer seeing better results
Glycolic Deep PeelGreat for mature/aging skin. Thist peel will give the fastert resultsyou can tolerate strong Glycolic Acid Peels and your tolerance level is extremely high
Glycolic Maximum Peel Great for mature/aging skin who need the deep skin layer peel,This is our strongest peel and will give the fastest results,which used as dotor's trength,for professionals and those with 1 year experience of performing Glycolic Peels,chemicals peels.
Latic Acid PeelLight,Medium,Deep Peel


1. Shake Glycolic Acid peel solution well.
2. Apply 2-3 ml Glycolic Acid to a gauze pad and apply to the face using a mild rubbing action. Avoid eye areas, lips, and the insides of nostrils. (can used the the fruit acid peel solution with other skin wash or skin milk,gel
3. Leave Glycolic Acid on initially for 30 - 60 seconds, building up to 2-3 minutes as patient tolerance increases. (You may fan the skin during this time to alleviate discomfort.)

4. After reaching the desired time wash off with cold water. NOTE: Should redness or excessive stinging occur, wash off immediately
5. Pat dry with cotton or paper towel. (Do not rub the skin at this stage).
6. Apply a thin layer of Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer or other moisturizer with nutrient
Facial Toner AHA is a fragrance- and alcohol-free toner designed for all skin types. Containing Alpha Hydroxy Complex, it can gently exfoliate and refresh the skin. Especially indicated for acne-prone or oily skin. Also can be used as the final step in the cleansing program. Available in a 170 mL bottle.

Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
For All Skin Types

Contains four Alpha hydroxy acids (Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, and Tartaric acid). The AHAs are of different molecular sizes resulting in more even exfoliation with less irritation. Contains botanicals (Kola Nut and Chamomile Extract) which are soothing to the skin.

Exfoliating toner
Final cleansing step after use of Facial Cleanser AHA/BHA
Especially for oily or acne skin types; Facial Cleanser AHA/BHA + Facial Toner AHA
Final step in pretreatment cleanse for X-Fol Rejuvenating Exfoliative Treatment (optional)

After cleansing, apply to the face with cotton pads. Use once or twice daily. Avoid eye zone area.

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