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Ayais fogger,fog juice,fog fluid,fog liquid,smoke oil ,haze fluid ,haze juice made from pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each complied to Pharmaceutical and food grade requirements, Fog Juice produces a dense white cloud of smoke when used with fog machines and haze generator or the like,Made from water base materials or oil base material.

Ayais fog juice/fog fluid/smoke oil packed in different bottles for differnt kinds of fog machine/haze generator used requirement, sealed and conveniece for used. designed. ayais provided the fog jucie/haze fluid with 50 ml 80,100ML,120ML,200ML,230ML,300ML,350ML,400ML,465ML,600ML,1000ml bottle packing,Easy-to-pour container,Foil sealed to prevent leakage during shipping

Scented Additives available - PINA COLADA, STRAWBERRY,APPLE ,UTropical, Vanilla, and Peach,lemong and other flavor fragrance is available

Oil-Based Haze Juice available

Water-Base Fog Fluid, long lasting or natural, Water-Base Haze Fluid; light, regular or long lasting
Oil-Base Haze Fluid or Fog Fluid (High Performance Fluid and High Performance Fluid
Low ground Fog Fluid for use

Designed for use in television, film, video, theatre, club and concert applications, AYAIS FOG/SMOKE FLUID yields a safe, non toxic, dense, white fog in almost all popular fog machines. FOG/SMOKE FLUID is made of only pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each individually complied to food and pharmaceutical grade requirement, which has no impurities reducing clogging and producing a higher level of machine performance. AYAIS FOG/SMOKE FLUID is long lasting making it less expensive to use. AYAIS FOG/SMOKE FLUID is non-irritating, pleasant smelling . AYAIS FOG/SMOKE FLUID is available in Light-producing thin smoke low density or Heavy-dense long lasting smoke. AYAIS FOG/SMOKE FLUID is available in quart and gallon containers. It is available in Light or Heavy versions.

Atmospheres Lighting Enhancement Fluid is available in three formulations. Each provides a high quality, hygenically safe interference medium for most any application. All formulations are available for the same price.

Fog Fluid produces virtually any kind of fog effect easily and continuously. It is ideal for use in theater, film, television, live entertainment and special events.

The fluid is an original formulation, developed as an alternative to hazardous petroleum based fluids.

Created for use in all fog machines, Fog Fluid can produce a wide range of effects - anything from a heavy cloud to light wisps. It is designed to provide maximum hang time.

Fog Fluid is available in liter and gallon containers. A standard case consists of 24 one-liter containers

Scented Fog Fluid

AYAIS' range of scented fog fluids is designed for use with all fog machines, for special applications where a fragrance is desired. These fluids have been carefully tested and may be used in fog systems without affecting machine warranties or function.

Available in Pina Colada, Lemon, Tropical, Apple Blossom, Strawberry and Mint versions, AYAIS Scented Fog Fluids are packaged in liter and gallon containers. Case sizes are 20 liters

AYAIS Fog Fluid as a reliable method of producing an effective fog. The scented fog may be conducted across a stage or dance floor by attaching flexible Ducting Hose to the nozzle of the machine by means of a Hose Adapter.

Used with fog machines, it will produce an effective theatrical fog and then dissipate much more quickly than fog generated by other fluids. in the performing arts. In many theatrical, film and television presentations, however, these effects are required only at a particular point in the production. Once the effect is completed, it is important that the fog disappears quickly and does not intrude on the action that follows.

Because the dry ice is never immersed in hot water, it lasts far longer in the module. Sealed chemical cold packs (such as those used in picnic coolers) also work well in chilling the fog. Household ice may be used, but water should be drained.

The absence of oil insures that you won't find an oily residue on your delicate electronic equipment or the stage floor where performers and technicians might slip. Fog Fluid was specially developed for the is different from other Fog Fluids. It is water soulable, but specially formulated to prevent condensation from forming on your gear, whjile still creating a lasting, hanging haze in the air that highlites beams of light and texture.


Vapor from this fluid, like other common material in an aerosolized state, may be irritationg to or cause allergic symptoms in some persons with allergenic sensitivity. Do not fog in the presence of know asthmatics.




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