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Ayais Banana Spray Oils are highly refined spray oils which provide effective protection against plant disease and pests. They are applied neat or as emulsions, and are synergistic with most registered fungicides, i.e., a combination of Banana Spray Oil and fungicides are usually more efficient and effective in preventing plant disease than either used separately. In addition, Banana Spray Oil is a safe mineral oil exhibiting low acute toxicity.

Banana Spray Oils may be used to combat banana and plantain disease, such as Yellow and Black Sigatoka. Banana Spray is recommended for use neat or in emulsion formulations which have water, emulsifiers, registered fungicides, and other ingredients mixed with the spray oil.

Product Features

Banana Spray Oil is highly refined paraffinic oils which remain on plants long enough to prevent plant disease, and then evaporate quickly enough to prevent plant damage.? They are superior spray oils whose physical and chemical properties have been demonstrated to be successful in controlling plant diseases and in killing pest. The properties which have shown to most directly affect the performance of spray oils are:

  • Unsulfonated Residue (UR) is a measure of the degree of refinement of spray oil. A high UR indicates that the oil has high saturate, unreactive hydrocarbon content and, consequently, low probability of harming plants. Phytotoxicity increase greatly as UR fall below a value of 90%. Ayais Banana Spray Oils has a UR of 92% as a minimum.
  • Distillation Mid-Point of spray oil has been correlated to the residence time of the oil on the plant. The higher the mid-point, the longer the oil will remain on the plant, and the more effective it will be in controlling disease and plants. In order for a spray oil to be effective, a distillation mid-point above 400F (204C) has been found to be necessary. If the mid-point is below 400F (204C), the spray oil is ineffective. The distillation mid-point for Ayais Banana Spray Oils is 700F (371C), min.
  • Distillation Range of spray oil should be narrow enough to insure that the level of the more volatile, low boiling components and the level of the less volatile, high boiling compnentes are both low. The low boiling componendts evaporate too quickly to be effective, and the hgjh boiling components reside on the plant too long and could damage it.? The distillation range is obtained by subtracting the distillation temperature at 10% distilled from the temperature at 90% distilled. The distillation range of Ayais Banana Spray Oil is 89F (32C), max.

Banana Spray Oil prevents disease and pest infestation by smothering and denying fungi and pest access to the conditions essential for survival. Since the mode of protection is not through chemical poisoning, fungi and pest will not develop resistance to spray oils

White Oil Insecticide (garden spray oil)

Controls scale, aphids, mealybug and mites on roses, ornamentals, citrus and other fruit trees.(garden spray oil) for lengmon,orange,and other good looking garden plant, take care about your lovely plant leaves.


  • May be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Can be used as a leaf shine to give indoor plants a nice gloss to the leaves.
  • Withholding period is only one day.
  • Low toxicity to humans and wildlife.
  • Child resistant cap.
  • Easy to use measure pack.

How It Works

This product blocks the breathing pores of insects causing suffocation and rapid death. Thorough coverage of pests is therefore essential.


Petroleum oil

Directions for use

Mix 10ml in one litre of water, depending on plant type. Thoroughly cover upper and lower surfaces of foliage. Repeat spray after 4 weeks, if necessary. Often applied to deciduous fruit trees and shrubs during winter.


Failure to control insects could be due to improper coverage or rain following within 24 hours of spraying. Dead scale may remain on the plants for a few weeks after spraying.


Do not spray when temperatures are near 35oC or above. Do not use on citrus trees in late autumn/winter. Do not apply to edible crops later than 1 day before