Ayais Ruber Processing Oil

Ayais supply Ruber processing oil from China. high temperature durability,high purity good for toy and food and drug contact ruber product processing use. product complied to EN-71,ROHS,FDA etc. requirement.

Package Available:

Flexitank for 2300Litres liquid packing.

Iron Drum for 200 to 210 Litres packing

Plastic Can for 10 Litres to 25 Litres packing

Plastic Bottle for 3mL to 1500mL bottling packing.

CAS 8042-47-5

    mineral oil,white oil,liquid paraffin,vaseline oil,Synonyms: Paraffin oil; Heat-treating oil; Hydraulic oil; Cable oil; Lubricating oil; Oil mist, refined mineral; mineral oil mist; oil mist, mineral, severely refined; Paraffin oils; Mineral oil hydrocarbon solvent (petroleum); Mineral oil (saturated parrafin oil); oil, petroleum; liquid paraffin; white mineral oil;adepsine oil; lignite oil; white mineral oil; hydrocarbon oils;; Petroleum hydrocarbons; jute batching oil; paraffin oil (class); petrolatum, liquid; white oil; Mineral oil, aromatic; Mineral oil, paraffinic; Mineral Seal Oil; Electrical Insulating Oil; OIL MIST, MINERAL (MINERAL OIL)




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