Ayais White Mineral Oil for food & drug use

Food & Drug White Mineral Oil Main Property
Flash Point,?
Pour Point,?
Sybolt Color
Heavy Metal
ASTM D-445
ASTM D-156
3# white mineral oil2.0~4.0>80< -5>= +2810PPM MAX. 
5# white mineral oil3.5~7.5> 110< -5>= +28 
8# white mineral oil6.5~9.5>140< -10>= +28 
10# white mineral oil 8.5~13.5> 160< -12>= +28 
15# white mineral oil13.5~16.5> 185< -15>= +28 
20# White mineral Oil16.6~23.5> 195< -12>= +28 
26# White mineral Oil23.6~29.5> 200< -12>= +28 
White Oil 32#28.6~36.5> 210< -9>= +27 
White Oil 48#45.6~52.5> 235< -9>= +27 
White Oil 68#63.6~73.5> 240< -9>= +27 
White Oil 75#73.6~80.5> 245< -9>= +27 
White Oil 100#89~105> 255< -9>= +27 
White Oil 120# 115~135 > 270 < -9 >= +27  
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  • As the best of our known,the data listed above of white oil is enough for typical reference,but the final data must be defined by the customer request and the current cargo of the white oil.
  • "B&C" (bright and clear) means colorless,,no fluorescence and clearn transparent liquid of white oil.
  • What manner the cargo of white oil be used is the sole responsibilty of end user.

Packing and Storage: Clean container without any contamination materials is required,.The plasic pail, aluminum or stainless steel oil tank without foul or tonic are suggested.advice do not mixed oils with different lots,brand etc.

White mineral Oil meets the requirements of U.S. Regulations 21 CFR 172.878 and 178.3620 for direct and indirect food contact. Ayais White mineral Oil is a food grade white mineral oil meeting all requirements, as currently defined by the United States Pharmacopeias for USP Mineral Oils.

White mineral Oil are highly refined paraffin-based oils which are specifically treated for use in the food processing industry or other industries that require lubricants of low color and/or food-grade quality.

White mineral Oil are USP quality oils of extremely low color These lubricants remain odorless and tasteless during normal storage and service life.

White mineral Oil are suitable for use in food processing plants or other applications where incidental or accidental contact with food is possible.

White mineral Oil may be utilized for lubricating ground water pumps and are recommended for non-lubricating applications such as grain dust suppression or in food packaging materials where USP white mineral oils are required.

White mineral Oil are also suitable for use in compounding such as in the adhesive, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries.

Typical Consumers:
  • Food processing plants.
  • Water districts.
  • Stamping and drawing of metal food containers.
  • Granaries.
  • Animal feed processors.
  • Textile plants.
  • Food packaging manufacturers.
  • Cosmetics manufacturers.
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturers.
  • Blenders/compounders of plastics.
  • Blenders/compounders of elastomers.
  • Blenders/compounders of light-color caulks and sealant.
  • Manufacturers of Shoes Polish & Wax



    mineral oil,white oil,liquid paraffin,vaseline oil,Synonyms: Paraffin oil; Heat-treating oil; Hydraulic oil; Cable oil; Lubricating oil; Oil mist, refined mineral; mineral oil mist; oil mist, mineral, severely refined; Paraffin oils; Mineral oil hydrocarbon solvent (petroleum); Mineral oil (saturated parrafin oil); oil, petroleum; liquid paraffin; white mineral oil;adepsine oil; lignite oil; white mineral oil; hydrocarbon oils;; Petroleum hydrocarbons; jute batching oil; paraffin oil (class); petrolatum, liquid; white oil; Mineral oil, aromatic; Mineral oil, paraffinic; Mineral Seal Oil; Electrical Insulating Oil; OIL MIST, MINERAL (MINERAL OIL)




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