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Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Chinese Target Place

During the holiday season we will attempt to get every order shipped within 24 hours.

Orders placed through our email or telephone by 6:oo am of deadline of National Holiday (New Spring,Labor's Day,National Day),based on the stated post office deadlines.

We charge the actual shipping cost for overnight service. Normally we request your approval on the shipping charges before finalizing the order

How is EXPRESS delivery calculated?
Can also see the detail express carrier quotation,and in general, the Guangdong Province, the price is RMB12 under 1kg,and more is RMB2/KG add,The Pearl Delta Zone Of Guangdong is RMB10 under 1kg,and more is RMB2/KG add,Dongguan City is RMB8 under 1kg,and more is RMB0.8/KG add. The Province Outside Guangdong, the price is RMB20 under 1kg,and more is RMB7/KG add,and some place and other delivery carriers and agent is charge as per their detail quotation.

What about the delivery time.

In Guangdong, within 24 hours,Outside Guangdong,48hours by air, if could not delivery by air,3 to 10 days needed according to different target place.

What about international shipping?
We do ship internationally, but the shopping cart doesn't calculate the shipping. If you live outside the China,the shopping cart will show RMB0 for shipping. We'll then figure up the weight of your order and email you with shipping options and prices. You will have to email us back and let us know how you want the items shipped and authorize us to add that amount to the total of your order.

How long does it take to get an order?
We try to process orders and ship them out as soon as possible. Generally they are processed the day they are received and shipped on the next shipping day (we ship Tuesday - Friday). During the holiday season it can sometimes be a bit longer due to the heavy flow of orders.

Are all the products always in stock?
Generally, yes. Sometimes if we have an unexpected rush on a particular product it will go out of stock until the next batch is ready ,. If you order an item that is in process of being made and there will be a delay on shipping your order, we'll let you know. In that event you could either wait for the product or change to a different scent or product.. We try to stay on top of these things!

Could I order yr. products in my brand?

Yes, we usually OEM our products for the brand of yr. company, now the products on OEM is baby oil,massage oil,message aromatic oil,fog juice,shampoo,body lotion,hand wash,and fruit acid peel.